The New Victorians: A Fashion Show at The Langham Hotel, Boston (Part 2)


Today I am sharing the second set of highlights from a Neo-Victorian Fashion Show I attended last year in Boston at The Langham Hotel, put on by The House of Findings. (Check out my first collection from this Show HERE.)

One of the most distinct trends of the Victorian Era were the exaggerated silhouettes created by over-sized bustles and crinolines, caged undergarments, and hoop skirts.  In recent fashion history, avant garde designer, Alexander McQueen, famously showcased fashions inspired by the elaborate caged undergarments or “panniers”, as they were called back in Victorian days, that were worn underneath dresses to make them stand out (sometimes several feet!) on either side of the tightly cinched waist.  Today, designers like Chromat and Zana Bayne also create avant garde pieces inspired by Victorian caged undergarments.  In “The New Victorians” fashion Show, Mayra styled several pieces inspired by caged undergarments and bustle-pillows as accessories worn on the outside of her looks.

In addition to exaggerated caged undergarments, headwear was huge during the Victorian Era.  At the beginning of the era, the typical headwear was kept minimal in order to not compete with the over-sized silhouettes created by large crinolines and hoop skirts. By the end of the era, headwear fashions had evolved to the styles most commonly associated with the era that featured elaborate plumes and floral embellishments.  One of my favorite Victorian headwear trends to incorporate into my modern wardrobe is the Top Hat typical to the mens fashion of the era.  Personally, I think a well-tailored suit paired with a top hat is the sexiest form of cross-dressing.

Check out another Neo-Victorian OOTD I styled and refer to as the “Sexy Bo Peep” look, IN THIS POST I shared last year on GingerSnaps.  This look featured a beautiful victorian bonnet I purchased from the looks after The New Victorians Fashion Show.  I find it incredible that even something as distinct and unique to the Victorian Era as a bonnet, can still be styled in a way that makes it relevant today.



Jan Bloch Photography, Charlie Castro Photography, Kate Doan, Chrissy Bulakites Photography

Styling: Mayra Gonzalez, @TheHouseofFindings

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  45

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  53

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  43

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  44

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  42

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  41

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  33

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  34

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  7

GingerSnaps Victorian Fashion Show  6

GingerSnaps The New Victorians Fashion Show 6








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