These Boots were Made for Walking: Cowboy Boots from (Part One)


I recently became acquainted with, an online thrift store of sorts that features short, seven day sales full of amazing vintage and thrift store finds.  I purchased this pair of cowboy boots over Thanksgiving which inspired me to show off how versatile cowboy boots actually are.


The boots have these amazing heavy beads that almost remind me of bullets, giving them an especially “wild west” feel.

For this first look, I paired the boots with this out-of-this-world PYTHON AND FUR Vintage Coat I gifted myself right before Christmas.  It’s pieces like these that I simply cannot walk away from, even though I was SUPPOSED to be getting a “real” “practical” coat for winter.  I paired it with stockings, the boots, and well… nothing else.  It is just too incredible to wear with anything else.





_MG_2470 copy

Fur Coat: Vintage, Beltrami, Tight: Aldo, Boot: El Vaquero, purchased from

Photography by Chris Knight (

Styling by Ginger (

Make-up Artistry by Christina Adams (

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