Time Travel, Grand Central Terminal, and Roberto Cavalli


Every year, as winter is coming to a close, I fight a battle between my anticipation of warmer climes and the expiring time left to wear my favorite fabrics of winter: leather, cashmere, and (especially) fur.  While I grew up in the sun-soaked climates of the south, winter in New York has special meaning to me.  In January of the year I moved to NYC, I made a poster board with the words “Manhattan by March” and several magazine clippings depicting the stylish, NYC girl I desired to be.  When March 1st arrived, I had secured an apartment, booked a one-way ticket, and packed my bags only to have a snow storm delay my flight by three days.  I arrived that day very much the small-town, starry-eyed girl I had grown up as in the south.  Despite my (obvious) awareness of the recent snowstorm, I walked off the plane in La Guardia dressed in a mini skirt and stilettos.  While time has taught me all of the necessities of city life, I always try to maintain some part of that girl I was before I was a “New Yorker”.  Though my hemlines have lengthened and my (winter) heels have shortened, I refuse to wear the all-black uniform typical of a New Yorker.  I make a point to incorporate as much color and bright white into my NYC wardrobe as possible.  An example of this can be seen in today’s styling post that was shot amidst the Centennial Anniversary of Grand Central Terminal. Grand Centrals’ unique ability to instantly transport me back in time makes it the perfect setting for this atypical New York styling that is reminiscent of the girl I once was and, somehow, always want to be.

Before I get into the fashion, however, I would be remiss to not share a few of the secrets of Grand Central Terminal you may not know…

First and foremost, the 44 platforms and 67 tracks make Grand Central the largest train station in the world.

With love scenes from movies often set at this terminal, there seems to be something innately romantic about the concourse.  Who could forget that amazing first-date scene in the movie “Arthur”?  Check it out at the link below if you haven’t seen the movie.


Many a marriage proposal and sweet nothing have been communicated via the arches of the “Whispering Room.”  The dome shape of the ceiling in this area of the terminal result in acoustics that make it possible to whisper a message to someone from across the room.

The Biltmore Room became known as the “Kissing Room” during the 1930’s and 40’s because it was so frequently the setting for travelers to kiss their farewells before embarking on a trip.

The beautiful mural of the stars on the main ceiling depicts the zodiac in reverse order.  The assumed “mistake” was said by it’s artist to be intentional as he wanted to show the stars as the God’s in Heaven see them.  If you look closely at the mural, you can see a small square where the paint is a different color blue.  This was left as a reminder of the radical renovation to preserve the mural.

In the 1960’s, the terminal escaped a tragic fate of being torn to the ground and turned into the site of a modern office building.  Jackie Kennedy is largely to thank as she fought  to save the landmark utilizing her money and clout.





This outfit is layered on top of a hand-beaded white dress by Herve Leger.  While I haven’t ever been a huge fan of the “bandage dresses” they are so famous for, I absolutely love this one because of it’s delicate beading.  A funny story about this dress: the day after I bought it my girlfriend came to visit.  I couldn’t wait to show her, but before I could unwrap it from it’s beautiful packaging, she correctly guesses its contents saying “Please do not tell me you got that white, beaded Herve.”  Of all my close friends, Maria can predict me better than any one.


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a, somewhat obnoxious, propensity towards the eccentric.  When we were en route to Grand Central for this shoot, my photographer described this look as “looking like Liberace if he were a drag queen.”  For added effect, I layered a fur scarf and feather detailing under the collar of this Cavalli Jacket.





I’m such a fan of hats.  This gem is a Vintage Oscar de la Renta.  The handbag and earrings are also vintage.


Final touches are the incredible tights from Wolford and the sparkly shoes from Cavalli.

Jacket: Roberto Cavalli, Dress: Herve Leger, Fur Scarf: Linda Richards, Earrings: Vintage, Handbag: Vintage, Hat: Vintage Oscar de la Renta from eBay seller:oldbeginnewnow, Hosiery: Wolford, Shoes: Roberto Cavalli

Photography by Chris Knight, www.chrisknightphoto.com

Styling by Ginger, www.Ginger-Snap.com

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