Times Square Time Traveling in a Retro 1960’s OOTD

GingerSnaps Times Square Time Travel 4

Happy 2015, GingerSnappers!

Today I am time traveling in a Retro 1960’s OOTD from the heart of New York City: Times Square.  The idea behind this shoot was to show what it would be like if a girl from the 1960’s was dropped into modern-day NYC.  One of the many reasons behind my love of vintage fashion is my fascination with how meticulously the ladies of yesterday dressed.  The juxtaposition of my polished, 1960’s -esque outfit with the flip-flopped tourists typical of Times Square emphasizes just how far we have spiraled sartorially from the days of the ladies in Mad Men.  Last year, I ran across an article on Jezabel about Linda Przybyszewski, a professor at the University of Notre Dame, who teaches a class titled “A Nation of Slobs”.  Her mission?  To revive the lost art of dressing.  In an interview for CBS News, Przybyszewski notes that “proper dressing was so important, it used to be taught in school starting in the 1st grade.  Gloves were a requirement to leave the house.  You were considered slightly underdressed if you did not have on a hat.”  With the birth of the suburb in the late 60’s, casual dress became more acceptable.  However, there is a difference between dressing casually and the catastrophe that we see walking the streets today: college kids in their pajamas, people donning yoga wear in any place or setting.

I am ashamed to admit that, for a short time in college, I wore the SAME, MISMATCHED sleepwear everywhere.  My mother, roommate, and boyfriend-at-the-time had to take candid photos and implement a full intervention.  Looking back, I cannot believe how poorly kept my hair, nails, and wardrobe were.  If someone like ME (who packs eight pairs of stilettos for a weekend trip to the beach) can fall victim, anyone can.  Perhaps the worst example of sartorial negligence is seen while traveling at airports.  I realize most passengers will be sleeping, but does that really give you the right to roll out of bed and straight onto a plane?  This phenomenon has bothered me for some time.  I have even spoken on the subject in an early GingerSnaps post: check it out here and learn how to dress comfortably and chic at 30,000 Feet.

Todays’ outfit is anchored by a red vintage midi-dress I found on eBay– isn’t it SO Joan from Mad Men?  My hat and earrings are vintage, while my shell necklace was a find from a market in Puerto Rico.  The Steve Madden shoe I am wearing is my go-to for almost any vintage outfit.  The multicolor scheme makes it versatile and the short heel makes it perfect for running around New York City.  It is also a great shoe for a night out salsa dancing. Ole!  I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do; Times Square Elmo enjoyed it so much he proposed…  *Blush*

Outfit Details:

Dress: Vintage, from eBay Seller: meat-market

Necklace: Handmade from Street Fair in Puerto Rico

Earrings: Vintage

Hat: Vintage

Shoe: Steve Madden

Train Case: Samuel’s Hats NYC


Photography: Chris Bowers, www.chrisbowers.meStyling: Ginger, www.Ginger-Snap.com

GingerSnaps Times Square Time Travel 4


GingerSnaps Times Square Time Traveling 1

GingerSnaps Times Square Time Traveling 2

Times Square Shoes

Times Square 2

Times Square 1

Nation of Slobs

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