To Complement or Not to Complement?: How to Wear Yellow and Red


I’m not sure why, but I have a recent obsession with combining Yellow and Red.  While sticking to complementary colors is a good rule of thumb (red and green, yellow and violet, orange and blue) sometimes the unexpected mix of clashing colors can be just right.

A bit of Color Theory for you non-artsy types…  Complementary Colors are opposite each other in the color wheel.  They involve one of the primary colors (for instance Yellow) and the Secondary Color that is made by mixing the other two Primary Colors (Blue and Red make Purple).  Complementary Colors are good to keep in mind when dressing, though they aren’t the only acceptable color combinations.  I especially find complementary colors a good metric when choosing accessories or, even, with regard to my nail color.  For example, if you don’t want to wear the same color polish on your nails and toes, choose two complementary colors.

theory-wheels-3-6-12 While it lies outside the complementary scheme, Red and Yellow just work well together in todays’ styling post.  What do you think?  How will you utilize unexpected color combinations this Summer?






In order to pull off the contrast of yellow and red, I chose red accessories from head to toe.  The shorter necklace is actually from a vacation I took with my mom and dad to Puerto Rico a few summers ago, while the longer is a cheapie.

The handbag is from MCM, a German brand that is enjoying a major resurgence in US Retail.



The fascinator can be very “senorita” so you have to be careful what you wear it with (unless senorita is the look you are going for, of course!)  Because this overall look is girly and floral it escapes looking cheesy.


I love these Christian Louboutin shes because they mimic the appearance of a ballerina pointe shoe. The red satin is perfectly complimented by the red sole.


Dress: Vintage from eBay Seller: Thriftwares, Necklace: (Top) Street Fair find from Puerto Rico (Bottom) Unknown, Earrings: ASOS, Headpiece: Soprattutto from Samuel’s Hats in NYC, Handbag: MCM, Shoe: Christian Louboutin

Photography by: Chris Knight,

Styling by: Ginger,

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