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I love the 70’s.  Lucky for me, high-waisted, bell-bottomed pants are back again this Spring.  A couple of tips before you try the trend:

1) Length is crucial.  Decide whether you will primarily be wearing the pant with heels or flats and have them hemmed accordingly.  The key is to show just enough of the shoe without having them skim the ground.  Too-long or too-short will ruin this look.

2) BEWARE OF THE LONG-ASS.  With high-waisted pants it is important to take a hard look at your back-side before purchasing.  An inch too high can give the appearance of having a “long-ass” and no-one can pull that off.



Love this printed silk blouse from Zara.  The shoe I found at a Nordstrom Rack for 10 BUCKS!

_MG_5105 _MG_5103

This belt is one of my go-to accessories; I wear it with EVERYTHING.  Every closet can benefit from a high-waisted cinching belt that has a rugged detail (like the chain here).

This purse I found at a Buffalo Exchange in Chicago’s version of Williamsburg for $22!



Also one of my most prized and well-worn accessories, this locket was purchased from Ralph Lauren’s private vintage jewelry collection.  It dates back to the 1800’s and is just so striking.  I’m ashamed to admit that it doesn’t have a photo inside… perhaps a weekend project?  Hmm… who should be the lucky one pictured?  Karl Lagerfeld?  Gracie Mae? My favorite ex-boyfriend? My secret celebrity crush?

Completing the look is the hat that is so wear-able due to the relatively small brim.

Top: Zara, Jean: Citizens of Humanity, Necklace: Ralph Lauren’s Private Vintage Collection, Belt: Ralph Lauren Rugby,  Hat: Vintage, Shoe: Naughty Monkey, Handbag: Vintage


Photography by Chris Knight (

Styling by Ginger

Make-up Artistry by Christina Adams (

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