Trending: Lady Leopard (Part Two)


Today’s styling post proves that you really can go “all-in” on leopard print (I am wearing it on my hat, dress, and shoes!) as long as you have some great solids in-between to break it up.  In fact, I find this look to be quite lady-like and demure.  But Leopard is also lovely as an accent to an otherwise monochromatic look or to jazz-up a simple sweater or suit at work.  No matter how you incorporate it, I will say that I find Leopard just LOVES to be paired with a Ruby Red Lip.  It’s as if the two belong together…







This coat was ONLY 15 BUCKS on eBay!!  It’s structure reminds me of Prada and it’s two-toned and asymmetric color-blocking make it a stand-out piece.  Surprisingly, it can be worn over many combinations, from a solid ensemble to a fully-printed one like this look.  The black tights and over-sized black leather bow necklace (which I typically wear down my back with open-back silhouettes) also serve a solid contrast to the otherwise overly-leopard look.



The real eye-catchers are the leopard accessories.  The hat was a find on eBay that the seller says belonged to her gradnmother (love a piece with a story!) and the shoes are a Zara find from a couple of years back.  Almost every brand has a leopard pump these days, I think it’s nice to see leopard compliment this little bootie.



The final touches are the sophistication of the beautiful pearl earrings and vintage brooch and the rich gold-embroidery on this MCM handbag.



Coat: Vintage by “Alorna”, eBay Seller: sideshowcouture, Dress: Forever 21, Necklace: Vintage from Screaming Mimi’s, Earrings: Vintage from eBay Seller: sekoppcollins, Brooch: Vintage, Hat: Vintage, from eBay Seller: coquine7, Handbag: MCM, Tights: Legg’s, Shoes: Zara

Photography by Chris Knight,

Styling by Ginger,


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