Trending: Sheer Sexiness: 1960’s Pink Crochet Dress (Part 2)


Like yesterday, today’s styling post features a Vintage Crochet Piece that is perfectly relevant for the modern-day “Sheer” Trend.  This time it is a 1960’s Hot Pink (also huge this spring) Wool Trapeze Knit with a Scalloped Hem.  The Trapeze Silhouette is one that can add volume if you aren’t careful.  In order to be sure the dress didn’t swallow me and render me shapeless, I layered it over a form-fitting Midi-Dress from ASOS that has long black sleeves.  This served to elongate my body giving me a tall, slim frame.





My accesories include a fur stole from BCBG and a vintage necklace from Amarcord in Soho (NYC).  I am also wearing my very favorite pair of vintage 1960’s Amoeba Earrings.

Fur is unseasonably popular this Spring.  I was (pleasantly) surprised to see the Spring Runways littered with Pelts last Fall.  I’ll always take a good excuse to wear a fur!


This Pig Purse is one of my favorite quirky accessories.  I have found people either love or hate the little guy; I happen to be in LOVE.  He doesn’t have a name yet… Any Suggestions?


The shoe I have featured on my blog before (HERE).  It is called the “Graffiti Shoe” from Christian Louboutin and, other than being impossible to walk in, it is one of my very favorite Spring Purchases, so far.


Crochet Dress: from eBay Seller: Violetville, Dress (underneath): ASOS, Fur Stole: BCBG, Necklace: Vintage, from Amarcord NYC, Earring: Vintage “Amoeba” Earring, Pig Purse: Sunaokuwahara, Tights: Legg’s, Shoe: Christian Louboutin

Photography by: Chris Knight,

Styling by: Ginger,


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