#TripleXXX Collaboration: Holiday Edition

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Holiday 2

Today I am sharing the first look from my most recent #TripleXXX Collaboration with Miss Sabado and Modern Vice: The Holida Edition.

Before we get to this Holiday Outfits details, a funny story from this shoot.  As is often the case, things were hectic once we arrived at the studio to shoot.  Luckily, we had a few Modern Vice interns on deck to help with some of the last minute loose ends.  One such loose end was wrapping several boxes to use as props in this Holiday Look.  I was shocked to find that NONE of the three millenials’ we had working as interns knew how to wrap a present!!  I try not to be shocked by anything this new generation does (or does not do, as the case may be), but this was one quality I found particularly sad.  What do these people put under the tree?  Amazon Prime Boxes?

Personally, I take a lot of pride and joy in wrapping the presents I give at Christmastime.  My mother told me, however, that for my first few Christmases, it was not our families tradition to wrap the presents from Santa.  This was probably because my mothers first job was as a gift-wrapper during the holidays while she was in high school. Growing up, she always complained about how strict her boss was about conserving every inch of extra wrapping paper.  True to my nature, as soon as I was old enough to object, I made it known to my parents that Santa needed to wrap all of my presents!

Speaking of adorable, outspoken children, if you haven’t seen the recent Huffington Post article about the letter a very angry young girl wrote to parents after realizing there was no Santa Clause, you must check it out HERE— hilarious!

Now on to the outfit details!  For the Holiday #TripleXXX Collaboration, I wanted to dress Miss Sabado up in a look that married sophisticated, old-Hollywood glamour with plenty of playfulness and sparkle.  Sparkle is, after all, my favorite trend of the Holidays.  Using a 1960’s drop-waist prom dress with a plaid skirt as the base, I added the train, bow, and flowers from three other looks!  I love the contrast of multiple holiday plaids and stripes.I cinched the waist in with my trusty cincher belt by Kiki de Montparnasse.  For accessories, I chose a red rhinestone choker, embellished gloves by Zara, and the festive, glittery “Creepers” by Modern Vice in Red.  I brought the whole look together with the red heart-shaped cage bustier, that will be available VERY SOON for purchase at ShopGingersCloset.com.

In addition to the photos of Miss Sabado all dressed up in her Holiday Best, I have included pictures of some of my favorite Modern Vice Boots, now available at 50% OFF (!!) using the Promo Code: MVWINTER at www.ModernVice.com.  Don’t miss out on this incredible, limited-time offer.  And of course, if you wish to be my Santa, you can certainly send me my Holiday Gift of Choice:

a Modern Vice Gift Card (available for purchase HERE).

XO, Ginger

Outfit Details:

Dress: Vintage circa 1980’s

Red Heart Cage: COMING SOON! Available for purchase on ShopGingersCloset.com

Earrings: Vintage circa 1950’s

Choker: W Hotels

Cincher Belt: Kiki de Montparnasse

Gloves: Zara

Shoes: The “Creeper” by Modern Vice


Photography: Chris Knight @ChrisKnightPhoto

Styling: Karen Weaver @GingerSnapsNYC

Hair and Make-up: Jhonatan Rendon @_Jhonatan_Rendon

Model: Miss Sabado @MissSabado

Thank you to @ModernVice for the incredible boots!

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Holiday

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Holiday Red and Green

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Holiday Train 1

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Holiday Boot

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Gold Handler

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Green Handler

GingerSnaps TripleXXX New Years Product

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Purple Donna

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Black Holiday Jett

GingerSnaps TripleXXX Black Handler

GingerSnaps Holiday Modern Vice Boots

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