Turban Time! The Hottest in Head-Wear for Spring 2016

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 12

I must start by stating the obvious: despite last weeks abrupt drop to frigid temperatures, this has been the most beautiful weather the northeast has seen in years.  I can’t believe it was in the 70’s until DECEMBER!  The photo shoot for todays OOTD was back on a sunny day in the early fall, but this color scheme of Orange and Pink is perfect to carry into the Winter and Spring.

Before I get into the details of this colorful OOTD, I would be remiss not to share a magical moment that happened while we were shooting this look.  This was the last of several looks that day and, I must admit, I was a bit run down and grumpy when I marched back up the stairs to the roof to shoot this last look.  My girlfriend Jenn was visiting from Miami and was acting as my photographer for the day.  On our way up the stairs, she was trying to cheer me up by discussing how much she loved the colorful butterfly print on the Zara pumps I was wearing.  Jenn has a magical way of attracting positive energy where ever she goes, which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised by what happened next…  Just as I was about to give up on the day, I spot the most beautiful monarch butterfly.  In addition to the irony that I was also wearing monarch butterflies on my feet, add to it that this guy had to float up 30 floors to my rooftop, located in the middle of downtown Manhattan, AND the fact that is was very untimely to see a butterfly in late fall.  Not only did Jenn manage to attract this magical moment, but she was also able to quickly capture a photo of it.  In fact, I almost missed the photo of the butterfly because it was months later when I finally sat down to edit the photos.  I share this anecdote today to remind you that, when you find yourself to have a case of the blues, remember to pause for a moment and look around you for the beauty in every moment.  You never know when there might be a colorful butterfly floating around your NYC rooftop in the middle of the fall, just to remind you.

Now, on to todays OOTD.  I styled this look in mostly pink and orange hues, but it is built around one of my favorite accessories: the Turban.  Turbans have been making a comeback for a couple of years now.  Ever the hat enthusiast, I have been putting together quite a collection of vintage Turbans, mostly from the 1960’s.  The Turban I am wearing today is from a woman outside of Boston, Massachusetts, who was a milliner back in the 60’s.  I was fortunate to acquire close to 20 of these beautiful Turbans, in all shapes and colors,  last summer.  I love how the color palette of the one I am wearing today brings all of the individual elements of this outfit together.

This outfit starts with an orange dress worn under a vintage pink coat.  (This orange dress is available for purchase on my eBay store at THIS LINK.)  I love this particular shade of pink, called Chrysanthemum, because it is so bold and pairs with so many different colors.  I have covered the hue many times on GingerSnaps, including THIS post about a Chrysanthemum Pink Fur Stole I had just received as a gift.

For my accessories, I chose vintage earrings, necklaces, and handbag.  This handbag, with its metal cage at the bottom, is always a favorite.  I love how, unlike more modern “cage” purses, it features both a transparent, cage compartment, as well as a non-transparent leather top.  Today I chose to fill the bottom “cage” area with some of the beautiful fall leaves we collected that day.  The final touch of this OOTD are the Zara shoes, covered in monarch butterflies.

Outfit Details:

Coat: Vintage Bergdorf Goodman circa 1960’s

Dress: Max and Cleo (BUY IT HERE on ShopGingersCloset.com)

Turban: Vintage circa 1960’s

Earrings: Vintage circa 1960’s

Necklaces (All): Vintage

Handbag: Vintage circa 1960’s

Shoe: Zara


Photography: Jennifer Young, @loveislovejennifer

Styling: Karen Weaver, www.ginger-snap.com @GingerSnapsNYC

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 4

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 12

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 5

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 1

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange  2

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 11

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 3

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 12

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 9

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 17

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 6

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 8

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 10

GingerSnaps Pink and Orange 7

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