Venexiana NYFW Recap: Sequin Embellishmens, Floral Prints, and Sweeping Fabrics


I was thrilled to be invited to attend the Venexiana Spring 2014 Runway Show at New York Fashion Week.  That excitement was mutliplied when I found all of my favorite things in one show: Sequin Embellishments, Floral Prints, and Sweeping Fabrics.  Additionally, I loved the tasteful flashes of skin in demure cut out details, the dramatic architectural necklines, and the long, sweeping trains.  The models seemed to float down the runway with layers of the most beautiful silken fabrics trailing behind.  I love how Kati Stern, the designer behind the Venexiana Collection, pays careful attention to the woman who will wear the dress.  She always designs to accentuate the beautiful shape of the female frame.  In fact, in a video interview by the designers team afterward, I told them how excited I was to see the gowns on real, womanly bodies (particularly on women with boobs!).  It’s rare to see a collection that you know will look even better on (real) women with curves, but Venexiana achieves this season after season.  Overall, this Spring Collection was predictive of a beautiful Spring to come.  Brava!

I would be remiss to not mention how much fun this show was because of the incredible energy of designer Kati Stern.  Her approach to life and design reminds me of another of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson.  Both ladies have a funky, up beat attitude that permeates every element of their shows:  Venexiana Shows are always held as the last show of the day, after dark.  There is an anticipation before the show starts that is matched once the music with a club-like vibe signals the start. The result is a scene where models and attendees alike are clapping and dancing to the beat.  At the conclusion, an energized Stern dances her way down the aisle with the most infectious smile and attitude.  How can you not love a show that makes you feel this good?

The rock-concert-like atmosphere is no surprise; Kati Sterns’ background is in Music.  Her line is intended to be “highly structured, rock-music-influenced designs are edgy and adventurous: courtesan-style corsets, leather, fur, marabou, laser-cut chiffon and lace, winged leather pants, and textured hose are signatures.” (Wikepedia)

My favorite pieces were these three sequined gowns, especially the first one pictured with it’s clustered, sequined rose pattern and asymmetric bust.  In contrast, the sequins on the other two gowns lay so flat that they reminded me of scales on a snake slithering down the runway.

Venexiana Spring 2014 Favorite

Venexiana Spring 2014 Sequin Gold

Venexiana Spring 2014 Sequin

In an interview with the designer, she says she always starts with the fabrics when creating a line.  This comes as no surprise when you behold the beautiful printed fabrics, like this teal, silk gown below.

Venexiana Spring 2014 Floral

As I have mentioned before, I was disappointed to see more of this horrendous, easter-egg purple (that was on literally every runway!)  It reminds me of pepto bismal pink, and I hope it doesn’t return for another season after this Spring.  This purple, along with a similar milkly hue of pink and a burnt Halloween orange were the only trends I saw that I did not adore on this runway.

Venexiana Spring 2014 Purple

Venexiana Spring 2014 Pepto Pink

The pink floral fabric used is perfect for the adorable, peplum shape of the dress.  The iridescent sequins of the purple gown that follow make this dress irresistible, even though it is in the shade of purple that I just can’t get into.

Venexiana Spring 2014 Pink Peplum

Venexiana Spring 2014 Florals

Here is the “burnt, Halloween Orange” I mentioned.  While I didn’t enjoy it in the first dress, I did appreciate the pops of orange against the teal in the floral fabric of the dress that follows.

Venexiana Spring 2014 Orange

Venexiana Spring 2014 Printed Silk

Here is an example of the gowns that incorporated the most tastefully placed cut-out details.  Just the right amount of sexy.

Venexiana Spring 2014

Love the designers energy, she is infectious and has such an energy when she comes down the runway after her collection!

Venexiana Spring 2014 Designer

Photo Credit: New York Magazine, The Cut

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