Vintage Update: Making Vintage Work Today (1970’s)


Oftentimes, making a vintage piece work today requires a bit of tweaking or alteration.  There are a variety of ways to update vintage pieces from all eras; sometimes all it takes is a shortening of a hem-line, other times it may take a full-on over-haul of the piece.  Today I will show you how I modified a slinky 70’s dress with five minutes and a pair of scissors.


I recently purchased this 1970’s Jersey Dress at Mafalda ( because I loved the Emerald hue.  However, as you can see on the Mannequin, it was a bit frumpy in its shape…  By snipping the under-layer off and throwing it over a pair of tights and black sparkly shorts, the dress takes on a completely different appeal while still invoking the sexy 70’s vibe.

An interesting fact about this garment before I show you the result:

Fashion in the 70’s was full of Jersey fabric.  While the drape-y silhouettes typical of the era popularized its synthetic variety, it was actually Miss Coco Chanel that first dared to use Jersey fabric back in 1916. The result was outrage in the fashion world as, up to that time, Jersey was used solely in crafting underwear.




To compliment the jewel-tone of the dress, I accessorized with vintage emerald bracelets, a crocodile bag, and the show-stopping Christian Louboutin Volcano Shoe.  The vintage crocodile bag is very sentimental, as I purchased it the day I met Miss Goldie Rush when I first moved to Manhattan.  Goldie is now a friend, stylist, and a bit of a fashion idol to me.  You can check out her new blog at



I also draped this sexy green-eyed panther over my shoulder and pinned a feathered fascinator in my hair.



Dress: Vintage, unmarked from, Shorts: Forever 21, Tights: Leggs, Bracelet (top): Vintage (from my grandmothers collection), Bracelet (bottom): Forever 21, Panther Broach: Vintage, Purse: Vintage from Amarcord, Shoe: Christian Louboutin “Volcano Shoe”, Hat: Vintage

Photography by Chris Knight (

Styling by Ginger (

Make-up Artistry by Christina Adams (

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