Wait, Real People Aren’t Wearing Leather Sweat Pants?

red leather pants

Sweat Pants have been in the news quite a bit lately…

Earlier this week it was reported that Kim Kardashian wore a pair of Nike Athletic Pants to a meeting with her idiot fiance Kanye West at Adidas to discuss a potential collab… amateur hour, indeed.  (Get Kim Kardashian scoop here)

Now, this morning (afternoon) I scroll through my FB feed to find out that, according to Refinery 29, Leather Sweat Pants are something only “Fashion People” wear??  True Story: these fabulous leather sweats by Rag and Bone were top of my list to share with you this week… I hope you will indulge me and at least consider trying them on because, truly, they are FAB-U-LOUS! Here are my four favorites, click on the photos to Shop Them Now!

ALSO, if you want hints on how to pull them off, check out this post from last year featuring a pair of silk Stella McCartney Pants with a similar silhouette.  

Emma Cook did these amazing, slim-fit Leather Joggers in the most PERFECT Green

Fendi created this version with PYTHON Side Panals– Luxe, Luxe, Luxe!

The infamous Rag and Bone Version from Intermix

A slightly more economical version by Alice and Olivia (because they are on SALE)


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